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Latika​  - CHEF/OWNER


Growing up Latika was always surrounded by great family cooks, but never realized that one day she would become passionate about the food industry. After studying Business Administration in Nassau Bahamas, she decided to pursue a second degree which was in culinary arts at Florida Culinary Institute, West Palm Beach Florida.  


Upon completion of her degree and graduating with honors, she was employed by the Breakers Hotel on Palm Beach Island.  During her tenure she was afforded the opportunity to work with and learn from many chefs about different international cuisines, and dietary restrictions.


She later moved to Providenciales, Turks & Caicos,  as the Food & Beverage Manager of a boutique resort, while performing her private chef duties part-time.   Because of her love and passion for cooking she decided to pursue her dream full-time.  She is truly living one of her dreams.

Cooking is an art, and she enjoys the pleasure it brings not just for her, but also the clients. 

Bon A petit!

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